Fear of the unknown

Two years ago I joined tumblr in order for me to embrace my own sensuality which has been destroyed four years ago, and I can say that on this aspect, it was such a wonderful journey. I finally realized and accepted again that I am a person who will love and enjoy sex too much with someone and that someone will be in my life soon. Well, I still have to meet him.

I met very dear people here. I fell in love (maybe) to someone here, I broke my heart here too. But all of these experiences made me realized that yes, I am a person capable of feeling again specifically that part of falling again for someone while at the same time learning to love and respect myself.

But I have also realized that tumblr had been my excuse of denying myself to experience the joy, sensuality and love from and of the real world. I miss being out there-physically- and this I would have to embark on again. I may get my heart broken on this unknown journey, but at least if I will, it will be something physical and real.

You all made me realize that I got a life to live out there. I have things I love to chase out there and that there are people who are physically out there that I could meet and finally connect with.

Thank you for this journey. There will be no turning back just moving on and moving forward…I go. :)


Morrigan by Andrew Lucas.

Thank you to everyone who followed and witnessed the journey of theeroticwitch. This is my last post. :)

©Photo: Alexander Prischepov.